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Soft Magic Glow Blanket (50 % OFF)

Soft Magic Glow Blanket (50 % OFF)

Soft Magic Glow Blanket (50 % OFF)

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All kids need a blanket, so why not get them a glow all night long!

All kids need a blanket but this one has a magic secret to make you feel like you’re sleeping in the stars!

It’s designed with glowtastic stars, moons, spaceships, and planets that glow in the dark, that’s it. That's the magic secret we're talking about.

All the kids were positive shocked as they saw the sparkling effect for the first time. These blankets are so incredibly soft that your kids will want to cuddle them all day and sleep with them every night under the glowing, magical night sky. 

Cure the fear of the dark for our little ones with this glowy blanket and calm them in their sleep at night. They would like to go to bed as soon as possible, then the sweet dreams coming true as well.

 Soft Magic Glow Blanket has brought a new fashion among children.

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They love the blanket even more after feeling the softness and softness. You will have a problem, the kid will not want to be separated from the blanket all day long.

The Soft Magic Blanket is great for everyone, for camping, car trips, sleepovers, or playtime and it makes the perfect gift!
Use it for bed, stroller, car, couch, use it anywhere you like!
Make a great throw or wall decoration even covers for forts and tents, why not.


MAKE IT SHINE just expose it to bright lamplight or natural sunlight, then darken the room and enjoy the magic. An hour of bright light can make it glow for 45 minutes. 

MADE OF SOFT fabrics 100% polyester to make you feel snug and comfortable. The luminous microfiber blanket is incredibly soft for maximum comfort. The fluffy fabric of the blanket will feel amazing on your skin and will never itch or irritate you, perfect for children and those with sensitive skin

IT’S WASHABLE wash gently in cold water or hot water below 30°C (86°F)   do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean, do not bleach, and do not iron. It will light up normal after washing.

DIFFERENT SIZES (S, M, L) to give the whole family a good cozy time!

The Magic Glow Blanket brings the fun everywhere it goes
because everything’s better when it glows.


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