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Illuminate Drawing Board

Illuminate Drawing Board

Illuminate Drawing Board

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This will be your kids’ new favorite thing to pass time.


This is a luminous drawing board that glows when you use the stylus to draw on it. The drawing board has a light-accumulating coating that emits lights when your children draw on it with the marker.

A light drawing board and a pen will allow them to express themselves and unfold their creative side. It also contributes to developing your child’s imagination and hands-on abilities in their growing age.



The board will enhance their curiosity and make them question the science behind it. It doesn’t require any batteries to operate, so the lesser the light in the room, the brighter the glow will be.

It will also keep grown-ups engaged with them and make it a more fun experience for both parents and children.


No Color Pencils or Paints Needed: This innovative drawing board and pen will get rid of the mess that your children would create with paints and colored pencils. The copy board and color copy board will allow them to fill up the stencils with their luminous pen and create numerous shapes and designs.

Safe for the Eyes: This drawing light pad is ISO Certified so the light that illuminates the board is tried and tested to meet the safety standards. It doesn’t cause any harm to the eyes of children and they can play with it for as long they want.

Auto Erase: The maximum drawing session of the light board and the luminous pen is about twenty minutes, post which the drawings will be erased on their own. You do not need to manually erase them hence eliminating any hassle.

Say Goodbye to Home Wall Graffiti: With this board, your children will no longer feel the need to draw on the walls or paint the furniture with random colors. This drawing board will keep your children engaged for the entire day and reduce the usual colorful messes.